Cross Dressing

19Aug 2018

You’re trembling, excited yet nervous inside.
You follow behind Me into a warmly lit room.
Laid out on the glass table is an open make-up set.
Eye shadows, blush and lipsticks of every colour meet your eye.
To the left, a choice of lingerie and outfits ranging from slutty black lace to soft frilly pinks.
Your eyes explore the room.
Paddles and canes for the naughty sissy girls!
Dildos and butt plugs for slutty whores!
A huge mirror covering a single wall.
Masks and hoods hung up.
A cross in the corner of the room.

You’re keen to get started but hesitant to approach.

I take charge.


You take a deep breath.
You slowly begin to undress.
You’re humbled by My gaze.
I inspect you.
My eyes wandering, burning through your skin.
I can see right through you.
I see who you are.
Your palms begin to sweat.
You are stood in only boxer shorts.
You look at Me – I nod.
You nervously take down your shorts.

We are greeted by black, lace french knickers.

I laugh, loudly.

You put your head down shamefully.
I walk over to you and place My hand under your chin.
I lift your head, we make eye contact.

‘Together we will explore this part of you which will entail delving into a side of you that you are afraid will be judged.
You are not being judged here.
I laughed because you amused Me.
Now, go and have a look at the outfits. Trace your fingers along the material.
Spend a little time exploring who you are in this room’.

You smile.

You slowly walk toward the clothes that I have set out for you.
You size the slutty pink baby doll outfit up against your body.

‘Bring that to Me’

You shyly bring it over and place it in My hands.
I gesture you to get into the outfit.
It’s stretchy and fits perfect.
The frilly trim barely covers your lace french panties.
The padded cups enhance your breasts.

‘The pink compliments your eyes’ – We laugh.

I place a blonde wig on your head and tell you to sit.
I begin your make-up.

You’re calm now.

I put a bright shade of pink lipstick on your lips and ask you to blow me a kiss.
You do – I smile.

I stand at the mirror and encourage you to come and take a look.
You’re excited to see the transformation.
Looking back at you in the mirror is now a slutty girl.
Dressed in revealing pink with plump candy lips.
It feels right.
As you admire your self in the mirror you do not notice Me getting into My strap-on harness.
I stand next to you. In the reflection you see it.
A long, thick hard cock. I seductively stroke it.
Instinctively you drop to your knees.

I look down at you and tightly squeeze your lips together.

‘Good girl, now beg for it, you greedy fucking slut.’