09Apr 2018

I ordered a custom foot worship clip from Miss Jasmine and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to others. Regardless of your kink, fantasy or fetish, Miss Jasmine has a delightfully devious mind that will make your fantasy a reality. I provided some context for the roleplay along with a costume suggestion and Miss Jasmine’s creative mind and skill as a Domme came into its own. I received the clip in just a few days and the end product was out of this world. A combination of the dulcet tones of her voice, the camera focused on her silky soles and her deviously scripted dialogue, I was transported before her as though we were in a real time session. The clip was less than 10 minutes, but was thrillingly intense throughout. If you want a brief encounter with the perfect Miss Jasmine, but cannot visit her chambers in person, then a custom clip from her is a must buy.

09Apr 2018

I first became aware of Miss Jasmine a year ago after seeing her feed on Twitter. After that I’d always been curious to meet and session with her. Lets face it she looks Heavenly, and I must say that she’s even more Beautiful in person.
I have a particular take on Sensual Erotic Domination, and certain points I like to explore in session. When I first met her, I was at ease with her calm friendly personality, and after a relaxing chat we went straight into session. Everything I’d asked for was tailored into that first session, and the same with the second session.
I was so impressed with her, and in conclusion realized as well as a Gorgeous Mistress, she’s an extremely intelligent forward thinking Mistress. I now see her as a friend as well as a Mistress and confidant. I so look forward to exploring other avenues with this Lovely Mistress. Now when I think of her I smile, and for some strange reason feel the urge to wrap her up in my arms with a loving cuddle. I’m so pleased to know Mistress Jasmine, however I do know my place, she’s most definitely the Boss!

28Mar 2018

I met recently with Miss Jasmine to explore psychological domination and I have to say it was one of the most intense, incredible sessions I have ever experienced.

Our session began with me on my knees, confessing to Mistress my desire to be controlled and manipulated by a beautiful woman. Mistress took in everything I said while occasionally questioning and probing deeper to get more detail.

Over the course of the next two hours I was blown away by the way Mistress used the information I gave her to bring my fantasies to life. Mistress lured me in by allowing me to worship her perfect body then, knowing I was too weak to refuse her, manipulated me into suffering for her pleasure.

I will never forget how I felt as Mistress bound me to a cross then pressed herself up against me, whispering sensually in my ear how she knew I would do anything for her and describing all the things she was going to do to me. It was without doubt one of the most erotic moments of my life!

Overall I feel privilaged to have served Miss Jasmine and to have been able to share such a fantastic experience with her. Miss Jasmine is not only an intelligent, beautiful woman but also a supremely talented Mistress who was able to get into my head like no-one has before. I am very excited to see what she has in store for me next time!

28Mar 2018

Choosing to visit a Mistress for the first time presents a lot of soul searching, this is an occasional treat for me and I want to make the right choice so I paid great attention to the information on Miss Jasmine’s website.

In my initial contact I explained why I had chosen to contact her and outlined my interests. This was rewarded with a positive response and the request for more information. I was encouraged to be open and honest and I am glad that I was

On meeting Miss Jasmine was welcoming, but it was clear that she had read and thought about my responses to her request for information and was going to use this to create an unforgettable experience. The start to the session was uncomfortable for me but I had asked to explore humiliation and degradation and from the first minute that is the mood that was created.

I think the details of the session should remain between Miss Jasmine and I but I had outlined details of motivation, possible activities and a very clear and strong fetish. Miss Jasmine took all of this information and wove it into an experience to treasure. I never knew what was to come next or where I was being led, I just had to trust her and enjoy the roller-coaster ride.

I had asked to be humiliated and degraded and that is what I got. This wasn’t the first time I had visited a Mistress for these activities, but it is the lowest I have been pushed and the most debased I have felt. Thank you Miss.

Alongside the physical humiliation Miss Jasmine expertly tongue tied me by twisting and playing with what I said. The effect was to leave me worried to say anything as I knew it would be twisted and thrown back at me making me feel stupid, another layer of humiliation.

This playing with words led to much laughter and a lightheartedness that made the truly degrading acts stand out and reinforced just how low Miss Jasmine had made me descend.

Each of these actions and activities was made possible by the thing I treasure most from the session; Miss Jasmine treated me as a true individual. She wasn’t going through the motions or squeezing me into a predefined hole, she had asked me questions, listened to me, pressed for more information and then taken all of this knowledge and created an experience just for me. Wow!

My submission and the dominance that it allows others to exert over me is mostly cerebral. In Miss Jasmine and her own penchant for the psychological side of domination I found the perfect match. To achieve this she demanded openness, honesty and clear communication, which at times was uncomfortable, but ultimately worth the effort. I would advise anyone, novice or experienced, to allow themselves to be challenged by this lady, in return you are in for a great reward.

19Mar 2018

I have tried to think of the words that best sum up Miss Jasmine and I found it incredibly hard. I found it hard because the words which stuck out in my head were enigmatic and a contrast. Contrast is the word which sticks with me. She is empathetic yet cruel. Humble yet narcissistic. Independent yet needy.
Is she those things? Or is she just manipulating me? I don’t really care as long as I am allowed to be blessed with her presence.
The first time I met her I was scared of her beauty. She was so much better than me. But then that applies to everyone. Nobody compares. Her eyes her smile. Just everything. She demanded I gave her all I had to give and I had no choice. I gave her all I had to give. She pushed my limits and systematically picked me apart while laughing at me. But all the while reassuring me that I was pleasing her.
She owns me yet tells me she doesn’t because she knows that’s important for me to feel a modicum of freedom. I know I am hers. She can use me however she likes she just knows I can’t admit that. She has stolen my mind my body and my soul.
For me she conquers the world. Her beauty conquers the world as does her craft. Her touch her look her laugh her voice her smell.
She is and forever will be perfection.

19Mar 2018

I recently visited Miss Jasmine, a new disciplinarian, well at least new to me, in Manchester.

Having first contacted her by e-mail and then a phone call to discuss my needs for a punishment caning, we set the date for my first session. On the morning and as agreed, I texted Miss Jasmine to confirm my appointment and made my way to Bury. Arriving at a very pleasant residential area with good parking, I sent another quick text and was directed to very neat and discrete premises.

Miss Jasmine is an extremely warm and pleasant lady, clearly well educated and far more beautiful than the pictures on her website give credit. She led me into a well appointed, warm and comfortable office-cum-domestic room where we had another short chat. I had to confirm my needs and was told of the session to follow. Miss Jasmine then became quite formal and instructed me to undress. With her sat on the sofa, I was given a quick warm up over her lap and then told to bend over a leather-topped office desk for the cane.

There is no question that Miss Jasmine loves her job but she is caring with it. She was an expert with the cane and landed it with accuracy and squarely across both buttocks. Particularly impressive was that she canes backhand as well as she does forehand and so, unlike a lot of disciplinarians I have visited, caned from both sides giving my bottom the sort of all-over scorching that it very rarely gets.

With mixed feelings I was glad when it was finally over. I was told to get dressed and we another quick chat to discuss the session and then I left. In all, with only a few minutes to chat at the start and end of the session, the caning was full on with not a single minute wasted and my bottom was very tender for the next few days

Will I be visiting Miss Jasmine again? You bet in fact suffice to say, I have already arranged my next session with her. This is one very special lady and one who I intend visiting often. If, like me, you need a no frills, hard punishment caning from a strict but fair very attractive young lady, then you must visit Miss Jasmine.
Ben. March ’18.

19Mar 2018

I have had just one session with Miss Jasmine and I already know I wish to go on a journey of exploration with this very special Mistress. From the moment I first laid eyes on this young, stunningly beautiful Mistress I felt an aura emanating from her, immediately drawing me in to submission. Her promise of psychological domination is not an empty one, She will easily get in to your mind, controlling and manipulating your thoughts to Her own advantage, and She will use any weakness against you, She will enjoy pushing your limits, laughing at your predicament, making you look in to Her eyes as She makes you suffer for Her pleasure, and you will want to suffer and much more for Her, because She is worth everything She demands. you will belong to Her. I recommend you thoroughly read the “about” section of Her website, it is very accurate and Miss Jasmine will quickly become very addictive. Personally my next session just cannot come soon enough.

19Mar 2018

well what can I say about mistress Jasmine. well let’s start with !!wow!!. she is wonderful, looks stunning every time I see her. she can be strict but that depends on you. you can have a laugh with her as some of my session we just laughed. but on a serious note she is great. easy to talk to and will always contact you back. easy to find on web. that’s how I found my mistress. I was scared at first it took me weeks to pluck up the courage to ring, but I did and she was so nice. I will be with miss jasmine for a long time to come or until my mistress gets rid of me.

19Mar 2018

The journey to Manchester is not a short one by any means, the 2 hours or so it takes is a trip which gives me many feelings, the main one anticipation, along with a few others, nerves also comes into my head to say hello.
I first came across Miss Jasmine on a website and was took away with her beauty and dark eyes, eyes like coal, glistening and deep, also dangerous and mysterious, stunning
The 3 visits I have had have all been different, enthralling without question but different, she is a lady who demands respect and sets her stall out to ensure that the respect is given, you know within minutes of being in her company that this is no ordinary individual, beauty apart, her personality is seriously dominant, she oozes strength and plays with you like a cat plays with a mouse in many ways.
On my first visit, I was made to feel comfortable, we sat down together and spent a good 15 minutes discussing my fetishes etc, sitting in her company, looking at those stunning stockinged legs and ample bosom was a wonderful experience, I quickly found myself telling her my darkest fantasies, she looked straight into my eyes and licked her lips, this sent shockwaves through my body, I ached for this woman, I longed to kiss those red lips, I lusted for her, she knew this of course, she knew I was under her spell, I was in her web, a thing to be played with, to do with as she wished.
I will not go into the details of my session, only Miss J and I know that, it is nobody else’s business really, and this is a good time to bring up the all important issue of trust, Miss J is to be trusted 100% whatever happens in session remains private, unfortunately I let myself down and broke a certain amount of her trust in me for which I am very sorry, it has taken me the best part of a year to get another chance to earn her trust, I do know I shall never let her down again.
Miss j, I believe, has a dark side, a side that sometimes comes to the surface in our sessions, she really lets go, she really goes for it, you can feel the pleasure oozing out of her has she inflicts pain on you, I love her for expressing this, where this side comes from, I don’t know, I have my ideas and would love to do a really honest one on one question and answer session, no holds barred, just the truth, whether I can build up that trust is another matter, I hope so, but I have along way to go, I must please Mistress and show her that I am hers and only hers.
Her wardrobe is exemplary, the sight of her in stockings and suspenders is wonderful, following her up the stairs whilst she is wearing a black thong and stockings etc is absolutely amazing, that is worth the tribute alone, her bottom is peachy and so very very sexy, probably amongst her best assets along with her eyes and hair, but I would say the bottoms comes out on top, I would do anything for that bottom to be mine to do with as I wished, but I know, as I should, that this will never happen.
Her voice, whilst not girly girly, is enchanting, she is not averse to raising it at you to get her point across but also expertly uses it to encourage her slave to give that little bit more for her, I imagine she has many men eating out of her hand, I would never question how many, it is not my business
Also, she educates me, she trains me and shows me the way a slave should behave, I am learning all the time and eager to please, she is also very skilled in testing your limits, she will push you and thrill you at the same time, her mind is amazing, I spend many days thinking about this lady, I can only imagine what it must be like to be her equal, to take her for a romantic meal, to dare I say it, make love to her, but as her slave, this is natural I would have thought, it is though a dream that will never be fulfilled, which makes it all the more powerful
Is there anything I would change about her, I don’t actually think there is, maybe, I would like to see her gentler side come through on occasions, the thing is though, before I let her down, I think I sometimes did, and then I messed up, so one day who knows, maybe.
I will end this piece by saying honestly, if anybody out there is looking for a Real Mistress, not silly girl who’s playing at it, not just someone who shouts and screams, but a real life dominating individual, who lives the life and is a true professional then this is Mistress Jasmine through and through.