A Journey into Extreme Fantasy

I first met Miss Jasmine looking to experience a session focused on psychological play, something that Mistress’s website makes clear she specialises in. I had a feeling going into the session that it was going to be a particularly good one but I had no idea just what an incredible journey I was about to embark on.

The psychological side of bdsm has always been the aspect which excited me the most. When I first discovered bdsm, I found myself far more drawn to kink themed erotic stories than I was to porn. The detailed scenarios outlined in the stories just excited me so much more than images or videos.

Over time I realised that the more extreme the story I was reading, the more aroused I became. Stories about men being forced into body modification, castration and brutal torture especially excited me. Of course I knew this was all a fantasy, I would certainly not want to be disfigured or castrated in real life! But the idea of a beautiful woman doing this to me became my ultimate turn on.

I never told anyone about these fantasies, scared that they would react only with disgust. Plus when I started sessioning in real-life, I found that I loved more traditional sessions as well. I immersed myself in the world of femdom while accepting that my more extreme desires would have to remain fantasies. However meeting Miss Jasmine changed all that.

At the start of our session, Miss Jasmine had me kneel naked in front of her and told me to confess my deepest fantasies. I told her how I have always loved being manipulated by attractive women and talked about certain activities I really enjoy but Mistress was not satisfied. She kept questioning and probing away until I was finally at the point where I told her everything, down to my most extreme fantasies.

Over the next two hours I experienced what was at that point the best session of my life. Miss Jasmine knew how aroused I was by her and used that, along with everything I had just told her, to wrap me around her little finger. She allowed me to worship her perfect body and gently teased me until I was putty in her hands. Then she tied me up and whispered in my ear about all of the sick things she was going to do to me. For the first time in my life I was literally living through my biggest fantasies and it was better that I ever imagined!

That was the first session of many and each experience just seems to get better and better. I have especially enjoyed exploring body modification fantasies and Miss Jasmine has just been so good at creating sessions themed around this. Each time I find myself strapped to her medical bed and blindfolded as Mistress simulates all manner of surgical procedures to my body. Mistress is brilliantly creative and I have found myself forcibly transformed into many twisted creations including a castrated fuckdoll, a circus freak and a cock sucking table. I have loved every second of it!

I have to say I am so unbelievably grateful to Miss Jasmine for pushing me to reveal my fantasies to her and for bringing them to life. I have lived my life in fear of being judged for my extreme sexual desires but Miss Jasmine has not only made me feel completely comfortable with them but has allowed me to live out these fantasies in a way which I never thought would be possible. The sessions we have experienced together have been the best of my life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If anyone reading this has similar fantasies or wants to experience a session focused on psychological control then I can’t recommend contacting Miss Jasmine enough. Not only is she kind, beautiful and immensely talented but she has a way of getting in my head more than anyone I have ever met. It was without doubt the best decision I have ever made!

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