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My submissives experience of trust and confidentiality within our relationship

Your words on confidentiality gave great reassurance. I’ve explained my situation to you and you said all the right things to help me relax. But there was still that leap of faith. I’m glad I took it. But the trust in our relationship remaining just between us was only the start. When we first met we talked clearly and openly in the build up to our meeting. You pushed me for information and it was difficult to make myself be […]

A flourishing path of discovery

I’m astonished that in a short space of time Miss Jasmine and I have gone from tentatively playing to an intuitive understanding of where we are going. I am loathe to describe things as ‘a journey’ but it is clear that Miss Jasmine and I have set out on a path of discovery of events and of one another. This is possible because of the open environment Miss Jasmine creates where one is encouraged to share wants/needs and feedback after […]

Newly Exploring Submission

As someone anxious about exploring BDSM with a professional dominatrix, Miss Jasmine immediately put me at ease with her openness to talk through my feelings and past experiences before the session began. I was reassured that it was okay to have submissive feelings and to explore them with her. The session allowed me to experience fantasies and ideas in a safe, discreet and reassuring environment whilst being pushed to really discover more about myself. I felt Miss Jasmine took a […]


I was nervous when I arrived as it was our first meeting, but Miss Jasmine was warm and welcoming. She took me through to a large dungeon and we sat together on a sofa, whilst she got to know me a bit, before the session started. She was friendly but extremely attentive to everything I said, she showed great interest and some of her questions challenged me, as she explored why I was starting down this path. She is very […]

Extreme psychological fantasy/fear play.

I have just sessioned with Miss Jasmine for the second time and once again I have found myself utterly captivated by her and completely blown away by the whole experience. My interest in bdsm is very much focused on the psychological aspect of domination and it is in this that Mistress truly excels. Her ability to understand what makes me tick and use this to control me really is second to none. Before the session began we had an in-depth […]

Degradation and extreme humiliation.

I recently made my second visit to see Miss Jasmine and was lucky enough to see her new space in Preston. Our play is less physical and more mental so the simple space is perfect providing a light, airy space where I could submit. My one tip about seeing this lady in Preston though would be to make sure you have strong knees. Our first session had focused on humiliation and degradation and had reached a real intensity before I […]

Custom Clip – Cuckold and Foot Fetish

I ordered a custom foot worship clip from Miss Jasmine and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to others. Regardless of your kink, fantasy or fetish, Miss Jasmine has a delightfully devious mind that will make your fantasy a reality. I provided some context for the roleplay along with a costume suggestion and Miss Jasmine’s creative mind and skill as a Domme came into its own. I received the clip in just a few days and the end product was out […]

Sensual Domination – Scent Training

I first became aware of Miss Jasmine a year ago after seeing her feed on Twitter. After that I’d always been curious to meet and session with her. Lets face it she looks Heavenly, and I must say that she’s even more Beautiful in person. I have a particular take on Sensual Erotic Domination, and certain points I like to explore in session. When I first met her, I was at ease with her calm friendly personality, and after a […]

Sensually Sadistic, Psychological Mind Games

I met recently with Miss Jasmine to explore psychological domination and I have to say it was one of the most intense, incredible sessions I have ever experienced. Our session began with me on my knees, confessing to Mistress my desire to be controlled and manipulated by a beautiful woman. Mistress took in everything I said while occasionally questioning and probing deeper to get more detail. Over the course of the next two hours I was blown away by the […]

Humiliation and Degradation

Choosing to visit a Mistress for the first time presents a lot of soul searching, this is an occasional treat for me and I want to make the right choice so I paid great attention to the information on Miss Jasmine’s website. In my initial contact I explained why I had chosen to contact her and outlined my interests. This was rewarded with a positive response and the request for more information. I was encouraged to be open and honest […]