Our first meeting

I have visited several Mistresses and this is the first testimonial I have ever written. This is mainly because most professional Mistresses I have seen have been vain, egotistical¬†narcissists attempting to overcompensate for their insecurities. Mistress Jasmine is none of those things. She doesn’t need to be. Mistress Jasmine isn’t a professional Mistress because She’s trying to satiate an ego, make an impression or cultivate a persona. She’s a professional Mistress because that’s who she is. She doesn’t try too hard, Her Dominance oozes out her effortlessly, and as soon as I arrived and was in her presence, I was powerless. So many Mistresses try to have you believe this is they effect they will have on you, but with Mistress Jasmine it’s the truth. ¬†

We had communicated a great deal before I arrived, and Her genuine interest in my needs and concern for my welfare really came through in Her communication style. I really felt she was listening to me and trying to get inside my head in order to understand what made me tick, so that she could then manipulate me. And that she did.
The session started as soon as I arrived. Mistress looked divine and instantly had me eating out of the palm of her hand. She has this wonderful way of dominating me and pushing me, but while simultaneously checking in with me and making me feel safe without disrupting the reality of the session. This combination of a wickedly seductive Domination style and feeling of security meant I was able to have my limits pushed and I became aware of a very genuine sense of wanting to please Her and be a good boy for Her.
I never thought I would let a Mistress use my mouth as her ashtray, but when Mistress gave the order I found myself complying. Mistress had totally caught me off guard as we hadn’t discussed this and I wouldn’t have done this for just any Mistress, but I did as I was told. It felt exquisite having my limits pushed like this and every time I got a taste of ash in my mouth on the way home the image of Mistress with a cigarette in her hand and smiling at me as I knelt at her feet with my mouth open appeared in my mind.
Mistress Jasmine is an authentic and sensitive Mistress, qualities which are rare among professional Mistress. My session was wonderful and I cannot wait to see what She has in store for our next one.

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