My submissives experience of trust and confidentiality within our relationship

Your words on confidentiality gave great reassurance. I’ve explained my situation to you and you said all the right things to help me relax. But there was still that leap of faith. I’m glad I took it.

But the trust in our relationship remaining just between us was only the start. When we first met we talked clearly and openly in the build up to our meeting. You pushed me for information and it was difficult to make myself be so open. But I made the second leap of faith and opened up. I don’t know if my particular kink is unique or one you hear every day, I felt sick as I fought for the words to express it…but you reacted as if it is okay, and then you took the information and processed it to create a world just for me. I’m so pleased that I trusted you with my darkest secrets. Thank you for being completely non-judgemental, thank you for treating them with care.

Being able to trust you also enhances our time together. You know that marks are usually not possible and it is clear that you take this very seriously. With other ladies I have been as clear that marks would cause me difficulties but they have been less careful. The moment they have hit me with force has caused me to worry, it has brought me back to the real world outside the session and has ruined the play, I’ve been unable to enjoy the rest of the session. I’ve never felt that with you, there has never been a moment to cause me worry, there has never been a moment that has stopped me enjoying the session. You know I trust you with my body and you clearly take that responsibility seriously.

In short, trusting your confidentiality was only the start. I trusted you by opening up and I trust you to take care of me each time we play. And you have taken all that responsibility seriously to create unforgettable but ultimately safe experiences that I treasure.

I hope others trust you as much as I do and I hope they benefit as much as I do too. If anyone is worried about seeing you I should be very happy to tell them to just trust you, you know what you are doing and if you ask a question it is for a reason so give you an honest answer.

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