The Loser Section


For Me there are two types of sub

There are the gentlemen, who allow Me into their mind.  A secret zone which I am able to make My very own playground.  I gain excitement from knowledge.  I get My kicks from exploiting their minds.

Once a connection is made, playtime begins.  I feed off their weaknesses.  A strike of a whip, a slap to the face or a broken man crawling on all fours before Me.

Further down the pecking order are what I call the ‘worms’.

For Me, they are the lowest form of submissive.

The losers

I humiliate and degrade with no need for connection. They are undeserving of My mind.  They are what I consider the drags of BDSM.  Only here for My amusement.  Selected only for My entertainment and/or financial gain.

I don’t acknowledge a worm without a considerable amount of work being put in to please Me. They are a desperately needy minority that must learn self control under My strictest guidance.  They were put on this earth to worship the greater being – Me – The Goddess.

Their dirty urges must be capped and their privileges taken away.  The men that fall under this category already know what they are! They are aware of their loser status because it has been apparent since birth.

This disgusting specimen knows that it’s only saving grace is to reside at My feet.

If you’re reading this then now is your chance to approach Me.
Approach with caution.
Approach respectfully.
Chose your words wisely.
I will decide if you are worthy enough to plead for a place in My circle.