I am a powerful dominant with a deep fascination for the mind.

The psychological and humiliating aspects of BDSM are at the foundation of My practice.

I am unforgivingly persuasive. Manipulation and mind control is My forte. My addictive personality will capture your fragile male ego. I am a natural seductress. My beauty will drain your every rational thought. I am a powerful cocktail of sexual pleasure and sadistic pain.

Allow Me to delve deep into your mind, for that is what drives Me.

I treat each person individually and understand that each kink is very subjective and unique.

I will discover your weaknesses.

I will sadistically toy with each of your emotions.

I will subtly seduce and exploit each of your fantasies in every way possible.

I will cruelly humiliate and degrade you leaving you vulnerable in My presence.

I will then begin to piece you back together as a slave to Miss Jasmine.

Perhaps you need My strictest guidance? Feel the fierce lashing of My intense power through the tail end of My whip. The energy of My dominance and your submission surging through our bodies, making us one.

Or perhaps it is My sensual presence you crave the most? My curvaceous body putting you into a deep trance of ecstasy. This is not tie and tease, for you do not deserve My touch. You are a mere servant to My beauty. You will worship the strong Female scent that runs through My body. You will worship Me as I enslave your weak mind.

I will work very closely with you to ensure you excel in reaching your maximum potential as My slave. I am an extremely observant Mistress. With hard work and dedication, you will become My greatest masterpiece of submission.