Beyond The Session

Do you have the desire to go ‘Beyond The Session’ and delve deeper into the psychological aspect of BDSM? Do you crave the opportunity to explore your fetishes further than the physical act of satisfying them ? Or perhaps you crave a BDSM confidant, someone who you can talk to without fear of judgment or exposure, in essence a safe place.

Phone/Skype sessions

A 30 minute or 1 hour session to talk about anything BDSM related. Perhaps a fantasy that you would like to talk about or your thoughts and feelings surrounding BDSM and the domme/sub relationship. Maybe you would like to explore where your fetish began or talk about experiences that you have had previously, or would like to have in the future.

Whats App/Text/Email

If you’re the kind of sub that would like more than just a session, and for you relationship with your mistress to be ongoing between sessions, I am able to offer regular interaction via whats app email or text. This will enable a deeper connection and understanding between us, whilst also providing a platform for you to be able to interact with someone who understands your kinks and is of like mindedness.

Realtime Sessions

Similar to a phone session, a real time session affords you the opportunity to connect with me on a deeper level. This can be offered purely as a ‘talking session’ in either 30 or 60 minute slots or can also be worked into an actual domination session, starting with talking and finishing with domination or vice versa.

The above descriptions are a brief overview of the types of service i have had requests for of have experienced. This list is not however limited or exhaustive, therefore if there us a type of interaction that you require that isn’t on this page, please feel free to contact me to ascertain whether it is something that I can accommodate.