Together we will construct an experience that is both creative and unique.

I treat each person exclusively. I understand that each kink is very subjective and so I ask that you are open and honest with Me, about your fantasies.

My services are 100% confidential and I expect the same in return.

I am a naturally seductive Dominatrix. I use My sexuality to tease and deny My submissive.

This page will list My favourite BDSM activities. If you are unable to find your fetish, please email Me the details and If it is of interest, I will get back to you.

I expect some will find the nature of My sessions sexually arousing. My sessions are specifically designed to stimulate the mind.

Before contacting Me, please consider what it is you would like to gain from your experience with a Dominatrix.

  • I do not offer or receive any form of oral sex. I do not offer sex. I will not go nude.
  • You must always remember – I am unobtainable.
  • Any requests of this nature will be ignored and your session declined.
  • I am extremely selective with who I session with.
  • My submissive must understand that the foundation of My craft is psychological.

If you are very new to BDSM, please enquire about My introduction session. Together we will discus our interests and create a unique, light taster session.

Limits and safe words are always respected.

My interests include:

Extreme fantasy
I am an extreme fantasist and love nothing more than creating an environment in which fantasy comes to life. I thrive in outrageously far fetched scenarios and invite you to share your deepest darkest thoughts with me. Together we will create a mind blowing experience!

Fantasy scenarios may include but not limited too: extra terrestrial, witchcraft, hypno, transformation, extreme body modification, captive/prisoner, castration, brain re-wiring. I do not cater to those seeking pedophilia/bestiality fantasy.

Slave training.
Can you be My favourite?
Within this I will manipulate, break down and re wire your mind. My aim is to create an obedient, perfectly moulded slave to Miss Jasmine.

Psychological play. Fear/emotion play. Head fuck. Humiliation. Degradation. For these activities to be successful, I ask that you are extremely honest and open in your answers to each question I ask you. I enjoy using manipulation and mind control as a foundation for these activities. Despite the intensity of some of these sessions, your mental well being will always be My first priority.
In person and/or online.

Cuckold. Humiliation.
Listen carefully as I tell you exactly what he does to Me! You want to sniff My worn panties? You can smell the sexual aroma can’t you? Be My bitch, In person or online! A dungeon experience will only include the two of us. Within this session I will delve into your weaknesses. I will exploit your submissive state and I will have you quiver beneath Me as I cruelly torment you by telling you exactly what a real man is able to do to Me. Three way meets may be arranged at My own discretion.

Corporal punishment (CP). Domestic room.
This can include role plays such as; School Teacher, Head Girl, Bitch Wife.
Implements often used for CP include; over the knee spanking, paddle, strap, taws, slipper, cane, whip.

Excessive body whipping. Bastinado.

Cock and ball torture. Ball busting. The use of sounds. Electrics. Ice torture. Nipple torture.

Anal play. Butt plug. Strap on. Anal stretching.

Feminisation. Sissification. Maid training. Forced bi. I have a quaint room with a dressing table, make up stand and an array of outfits for the aspiring sissy. Forced bi is available upon advanced booking.

Objectification. Smoking fetish. Human ashtray. Human furniture.

Bondage. Breath play. Sensory deprivation.

Water sports.

Worship, humiliating tease and denial

Garment worship.
This may include; worn stockings, socks, panties.
Purchasing an item is optional.

Chastity control. Key holding.
Online chastity control is optional.

Tease and denial.
I am naturally seductive and playful. I enjoy tormenting slaves, particularly when in chastity. I love nothing more than hearing you beg for Me. You are putty in My hands and I will deny you at every turn. I enjoy watching you torture yourself over and over again. For Me, this is always a great opportunity to stamp on that male ego!

Trampling. Spitting. Forced eating.

Financial domination.
If like me, your fetish is cash and you would like to apply to be My pay pig/cash slave please request My details via email. This arrangement can be done in person or online. Never forget, Goddess deserves it all!

Lastly, the loser session!
I have a range of outfits including latex, pvc and leather.
You must request this in your email prior to our session.