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The truth is..

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while now but procrastinating is something I do well!  This blog is for those following My ever changing journey. It is an insight into My past and My present and possibly My terrible grammar!  Recently on Twitter someone asked, ‘do you know what triggered you into becoming a dominatrix?’ and I feel My response ties nicely into this blog.  With a little more detail, I was a counsellor before I […]

The Freedom of Female Supremacy.

Femdom. For Me, Femdom is about embracing My Femininity. I use My bright red lips to strike a wide smile, a smile that catches your eye. I observe your every move with My hypnotic green eyes, intimidating yet mesmerising. I adore the feel of silky smooth nylon stockings on My toned legs. I admire My Womanly frame when wearing sexy, skimpy lingerie. I am at My most dangerous when I look and feel sexy. I thrive when I am the […]

My Journey so far in becoming a Dominatrix.  

  I intend to write each blog openly and honestly.   Everything I write is written freely from My own perspective and reflection.   My intentions are to blog in a way which gives My readers an insight into My thought process and reflections along the way.   I welcome any emails and messages on your thoughts in response to this but please appreciate that My time is precious.    I often think about the early days and how I wanted to be […]

Where it all began. The Domme, the sub and the Switch.

As a young girl I remember getting extremely excited when watching Roger Rabbit. That moment Jessica Rabbit strode onto my screen in full confidence. Her exaggerated curves screamed sexy and I felt my entire body tingle. From then on I was drawn too strong, powerful women. I would seek them in films, magazines and even adverts on the television. For me, a confident and sassy female was the epitome of sexy. For the outsider reading this, one may assume that […]

Manchester Mistress

  Specialising in psychological domination and seduction. My Dungeon is near Whitefield and Bury, off junction 17 off the M60. Click here to session with me Miss Jasmine – Manchester Mistress and Switch