Where it all began. The Domme, the sub and the Switch.

As a young girl I remember getting extremely excited when watching Roger Rabbit.

That moment Jessica Rabbit strode onto my screen in full confidence. Her exaggerated curves screamed sexy and I felt my entire body tingle.

From then on I was drawn too strong, powerful women. I would seek them in films, magazines and even adverts on the television.

For me, a confident and sassy female was the epitome of sexy.

For the outsider reading this, one may assume that I grew up to be a fabulous, lesbian Domme. Sadly not!

As I got older I became more and more interested in boys and during my later teenage years I began experimenting and exploring my sexuality.

My sex drive was and still is through the roof.

Through the many mistakes I made I began reflecting upon my experiences and sexual desires.

I thought about my strong sexual attraction to the Jessica Rabbits of this world.

Upon reflection I discovered that my attraction to this type of woman is not sexual in a sense where I would want to pursue another woman, it was more the fantasy of becoming her.

To become a woman of lust and desire. Someone who would be worshipped as though she is a Goddess.

I would fantasize about my body becoming a temple in which men would worship and adore.

As some of you may be able to relate, the more I fantasized the more intense and the deeper my mind sank.

I wanted to be the type of woman that was not only worshiped, but men would make sacrifices for.

The fantasy escalated. The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the turn on.

While a wolf whistle in the street or a bottle of something at a bar topped up my forever growing ego, the exhibitionist in me wanted more.

I began web camming which fed my thirst nicely, but this lasted only short term.

After a while the requests that were being made upon me began to grate and my inner frustration grew.

However, during these frustrations I began talking to a man online who slowly introduced me to the world of Domination and submissive.

He taught me about the D/s relationship, the dynamic, the respect and the mutual understanding between the two involved.

It fascinated me and ignited something inside me. I wanted to learn more and began researching with my friend, ‘The Nightwatcher’ as my dominant guide.

Without our relationship becoming sexual my Dominant teacher enabled my curious mind to explore.

We spoke in-depth about the dynamic involved in such a relationship and questioned, ‘Who is the real Dominant?’

Naturally my inquisitive brain eventually led me to the dungeon where I work now as a Switch.

I discovered that while my body is submissive, my mind is extremely Dominant.

I recall the powerful rush that swept over my body the first time my cane hit a bare bottom.

That same rush however, also ran through me when I myself was paddled over the head Mistresses knee.

You see, for me I felt the same measure of pleasure in each situation.

I can only speak for myself, but it occurred to me that its not the role I am in that determines the position I fall under.

As most of us know, things are often not as they appear.

Whether I am trampling a slave or being spanked I beleive that the superiority lies on the basis that I am female.

Whichever scenario, I am lusted over, adored and fantasiZed about.

I have something that the other person wants and/or desires which in turn, for me, no matter the situation – I will always hold the power.

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