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Newly Exploring Submission

As someone anxious about exploring BDSM with a professional dominatrix, Miss Jasmine immediately put me at ease with her openness to talk through my feelings and past experiences before the session began. I was reassured that it was okay to have submissive feelings and to explore them with her. The session allowed me to experience fantasies and ideas in a safe, discreet and reassuring environment whilst being pushed to really discover more about myself. I felt Miss Jasmine took a […]

Pervert Circus 20th April 2018 – L

Dim light creates sinister shadows. The loud sound of stiletto heels on the hard floor fills the darkened room. Playful giggling echoes behind an ominous door. A squeal of pain complimented by a moan of pleasure sharply brings you too attention. An array of assorted dildos, butt plugs and harnesses catch your eye. The sound of chains and muffled cries for help sends a chill down your spine. A masked voyeur lurks in the distance. Your eyes meet, nerves rushing […]

Pain and Psychological Domination

The journey to Manchester is not a short one by any means, the 2 hours or so it takes is a trip which gives me many feelings, the main one anticipation, along with a few others, nerves also comes into my head to say hello. I first came across Miss Jasmine on a website and was took away with her beauty and dark eyes, eyes like coal, glistening and deep, also dangerous and mysterious, stunning The 3 visits I have […]

Empathy and Psychological contact.

The importance of empathy and psychological contact within a BDSM relationship. Please note, this blog is based on My own personal feelings and experiences. To get on any psychological level with a person I believe you must, to an extent, be able to feel what it is like to be the other person. This does not mean that I become the sub, it simply means I am able to empathise with him. Within this, I believe empathy is a sufficient […]


I find humiliation to be one of the most interesting of all the BDSM activities that I am involved with. I feel that it is at the route of many different fetishes. What interests Me about humiliation is the psychological aspect. I am going to use this blog to discuss My own personal thoughts on the subject. My aim is to give you, the reader, an insight into the reasons behind why I am so passionate about the main foundation […]

Are you new to the exciting world of BDSM?

It can be quite daunting approaching a Mistress for the first time. I imagine there are many questions running through your mind. How do I address her? Will she think I’m weird? I want to be dominated but I’m not sure which activities I like? What if she really hurts me? With this in mind, I am writing this blog to answer those exact questions. I am also going to write about the introductory session I offer for those who […]