Pervert Circus 20th April 2018 – L

Dim light creates sinister shadows.
The loud sound of stiletto heels on the hard floor fills the darkened room.
Playful giggling echoes behind an ominous door.
A squeal of pain complimented by a moan of pleasure sharply brings you too attention.
An array of assorted dildos, butt plugs and harnesses catch your eye.
The sound of chains and muffled cries for help sends a chill down your spine.
A masked voyeur lurks in the distance.
Your eyes meet, nerves rushing through your blood, you slowly turn your head.
Her presence takes your breath away.
You stare in awe, silently.
Her body fluently ploughing into the slaves.
For a moment – you are the voyeur.
Entranced by the rhythm of her hips, you don’t notice the ominous door swing open.
In walks another, red faced and sweaty, whip in hand.
They stand beside each other. They catch your eye. They smile..

Welcome to pervert circus, bitch!

Due to the success of our last Pervert Circus, hosted by Myself & Miss Kitty, we are very happy to announce that our next event will be held in Manchester on the 20th April 2018.
This is a multislave party for like minded individuals.
Activities may include, humiliation, strap-on, forced bi & confinement.

If you are interested in attending, please email Myself or Miss Kitty for further details.
A deposit will be required should you wish to book.

Limits and boundaries discussed are respected at all times.


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