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Pervert Circus 20th April 2018 – L

Dim light creates sinister shadows. The loud sound of stiletto heels on the hard floor fills the darkened room. Playful giggling echoes behind an ominous door. A squeal of pain complimented by a moan of pleasure sharply brings you too attention. An array of assorted dildos, butt plugs and harnesses catch your eye. The sound of chains and muffled cries for help sends a chill down your spine. A masked voyeur lurks in the distance. Your eyes meet, nerves rushing […]

Pervert Circus

Pervert Circus is a private project I have been cooking up with my friend and colleague, Miss Kitty. We have an interesting venue in mind for this which will allow everything from full on circus-like slave interaction to complete isolation. Miss Kitty and I will be your ringleaders and you will perform to our liking or who knows what crazy circus act we may force you to perform for our amusement?! This gathering is the perfect ‘first’ party for nervous […]