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Reach for the stars!

I decided to write a blog for those interested in learning about how I feel when in a session and the positive impacts BDSM has had on me. I have also added the positive experiences of others. Please note. This blog is written from my own frame of reference. Like everything, there are GOOD and BAD sides. For this blog however, i  have chosen to focus only on the good experiences I have had. I will always advise anyone new […]

Extreme Fantasy Exploration

Have you ever fantasied about being seduced by a wickedly sexy woman? Her slow gaze, curvaceous body and soft voice slowly, lulling you into a false sense of comfort. Does your submissively sweet nature make you easy prey? I want you to imagine yourself in My presence. I softly persuade you onto your knees. I stand over you, your head aligned with my heavy cleavage. I don’t force your eyes down, instead I stroke your cheek. ‘My sweet, boy.’ Your […]


What’s confidential and what’s not? Each dominatrix has a different approach and so please keep in mind that this is just the way I handle ‘confidentiality’ between myself and my submissive. For me, confidentiality is an extremely important matter that needs to be discussed. Contacting a professional dominatrix can be daunting for many reasons. Many clients are concerned that their private details may not be safe. Private details can range from real names, bank details, session activities and other pieces […]

Story time with Miss Jasmine – Forced Rent

It’s the first time we’ve met. You’re nervous but that’s okay, ‘Undress.’ You begin to unbutton your shirt, your hands shaking as you fumble with the buttons. You look at Me, I do not take My eyes off you. You take it off, you remove your shoes and socks, your belt, your trousers. You are left in your boxer shorts. You look at Me nervously. ‘Off.’ The loud tone of My voice surprises you, you quickly drop your shorts. You […]

Cuckold Fantasy Session

You’re strapped to the bench, blindfolded and naked. You’re nervous but you’re dribbling.. Your excitement amuses Me. Your weak state makes Me giggle. I stroke your face with the tips of My fingers. I come close to you and whisper softly in your ear, ‘My sweet boy, today, you will become My addicted little Cuckold.’ You shudder but there is nothing you can do, you’re strapped to the bench, weak and vulnerable. You’re apprehensive, you’d shout but you’re hard, you’re so […]

Can you assist Me?

The world of BDSM is vast and there are a number of things I would like more practice in. At a discounted rate, I am seeking experienced submissives who will allow me to practice the following on them; Harsh whipping on a specific body part and/or full body. Bastinado. Use of implements including the strap, tawse and cane (hard) Cold caning. Various electric play. Servere CBT and ball busting. Physical torture.   My requirements; You MUST have sufficient experience. You […]