Story time with Miss Jasmine – Forced Rent

It’s the first time we’ve met.
You’re nervous but that’s okay,


You begin to unbutton your shirt, your hands shaking as you fumble with the buttons.
You look at Me, I do not take My eyes off you.
You take it off, you remove your shoes and socks, your belt, your trousers.
You are left in your boxer shorts. You look at Me nervously.


The loud tone of My voice surprises you, you quickly drop your shorts.

You stand, naked and vulnerable.
I smile.
I leave you stood for a few moments.
My eyes examine your body.

I thrive in your vulnerability.

You’re intimidated by Me.
Your head is down now.
The smart man who walked into My dungeon is no longer present.

I laugh.

‘Onto your knees, slave.’


The back of My hand strokes your neck.
You feel the soft leather from the glove against your skin.
Momentarily, you feel at ease.
I look into your eyes, I see you, I see all of you.
I see what you are.
I could reach inside and touch your soul – you’d let Me.
You feel My energy.
The connection is powerful.

I forcefully push your head into My lap.

I begin stroking  your cheek.

‘I’m going to tell you what I have planned for you.’

You stare at the wall silently.

I tightly squeeze your lips, shock of My action snatches your attention from the wall.

I look you square in the eye.

‘From today, this mouth is Mine.
This mouth will preform to My standard.
This mouth will become whatever I decide.
This mouth will take whatever I give it.
This mouth is now worth an income.
You are an income.
Listen very carefully and do as I say, understood?’

You nod.

Your nerves are replaced with fear.
Cold fear.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of what may become of you.
As you look into My eyes, the dark realisation hits you, you will do anything for Me.
The realisation is frightening but you are hard. You are so fucking hard.

I know I’ve got you.

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