Cuckold Fantasy Session

You’re strapped to the bench, blindfolded and naked. You’re nervous but you’re dribbling..
Your excitement amuses Me. Your weak state makes Me giggle.

I stroke your face with the tips of My fingers.
I come close to you and whisper softly in your ear, ‘My sweet boy, today, you will become My addicted little Cuckold.’

You shudder but there is nothing you can do, you’re strapped to the bench, weak and vulnerable. You’re apprehensive, you’d shout but you’re hard, you’re so fucking hard..
You’ve dreamt of this for so long.

How long?
When did the thoughts seep in?
When did you realise you were so inferior?
When did you seek that strong testosterone scent from a strong Alpha male?
How long were you able to resist your perverted urges?
How long have you fantasised about it?
When did you give in and finally worship it?

Superiority defeated you as it always would.
Now you are here. Now we begin your Cuckold journey.

I walk around the bench, slowly and seductively.
Your eyes follow My every move.
The lace lingerie you bought Me hugs My perfectly sculpted body.
‘I wore this for him – he wanted Me too thank you. He enjoyed it so much. Do you want Me to tell how much? Do you want Me to tell you exactly what he did to Me? We laughed so much at your confessions. Now, listen carefully My weak little bitch…’

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