What’s confidential and what’s not?

Each dominatrix has a different approach and so please keep in mind that this is just the way I handle ‘confidentiality’ between myself and my submissive.

For me, confidentiality is an extremely important matter that needs to be discussed.
Contacting a professional dominatrix can be daunting for many reasons.

Many clients are concerned that their private details may not be safe.
Private details can range from real names, bank details, session activities and other pieces of intimate information given to me by my client.

As a professional, I am using this blog for those who may share these sensible concerns in the hope that I can reassure you that my services are always and fully confidential.
I require bank transfers as way of deposit.
You may deposit directly into my bank, if you wish to stay anonymous.

For those who do an online transfer, please rest assured your details are safe with me.
I am a professional who advertises my services via a website.

Despite the fact that some people may feel shy or embarrassed by the nature of this service, ours should always be an open and mutual exchange. I would never seek to use your information against you. I work very hard to build up a good reputation. I would not want to destroy it. My craft is built on a foundation of trust. I am passionate about promoting a full honesty between us – and on maintaining a full and complete discretion elsewhere.
Your real name, should you want to tell me, is between you and me.

I will not discuss you by name with any of my colleagues.
I will not seek to cause you any harm in your everyday life.
Whether you come for one session or one hundred, whether you see just me or other mistresses as well, our time and the private information that we share will always remain exactly that – private.
Videoing and photography. This is always at the client’s discretion.
Phone calls and text messaging. I will not call or message you, unless we have agreed otherwise.
I will not and do not take part in consensual blackmail fetish.
If we go our separate ways, the information that we have shared is still very much between the two of us; and I expect the same courtesy in return.

The only time that the rule of confidentiality might be broken is if:

You pose a risk to me or to others.
You might be considered dangerous.
You might not be of sound mind.
You are under the age of 18.
You are a prolific time waster.
I hope this blog has calmed your concerns. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

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