Pain and Psychological Domination

The journey to Manchester is not a short one by any means, the 2 hours or so it takes is a trip which gives me many feelings, the main one anticipation, along with a few others, nerves also comes into my head to say hello.
I first came across Miss Jasmine on a website and was took away with her beauty and dark eyes, eyes like coal, glistening and deep, also dangerous and mysterious, stunning
The 3 visits I have had have all been different, enthralling without question but different, she is a lady who demands respect and sets her stall out to ensure that the respect is given, you know within minutes of being in her company that this is no ordinary individual, beauty apart, her personality is seriously dominant, she oozes strength and plays with you like a cat plays with a mouse in many ways.
On my first visit, I was made to feel comfortable, we sat down together and spent a good 15 minutes discussing my fetishes etc, sitting in her company, looking at those stunning stockinged legs and ample bosom was a wonderful experience, I quickly found myself telling her my darkest fantasies, she looked straight into my eyes and licked her lips, this sent shockwaves through my body, I ached for this woman, I longed to kiss those red lips, I lusted for her, she knew this of course, she knew I was under her spell, I was in her web, a thing to be played with, to do with as she wished.
I will not go into the details of my session, only Miss J and I know that, it is nobody else’s business really, and this is a good time to bring up the all important issue of trust, Miss J is to be trusted 100% whatever happens in session remains private, unfortunately I let myself down and broke a certain amount of her trust in me for which I am very sorry, it has taken me the best part of a year to get another chance to earn her trust, I do know I shall never let her down again.
Miss j, I believe, has a dark side, a side that sometimes comes to the surface in our sessions, she really lets go, she really goes for it, you can feel the pleasure oozing out of her has she inflicts pain on you, I love her for expressing this, where this side comes from, I don’t know, I have my ideas and would love to do a really honest one on one question and answer session, no holds barred, just the truth, whether I can build up that trust is another matter, I hope so, but I have along way to go, I must please Mistress and show her that I am hers and only hers.
Her wardrobe is exemplary, the sight of her in stockings and suspenders is wonderful, following her up the stairs whilst she is wearing a black thong and stockings etc is absolutely amazing, that is worth the tribute alone, her bottom is peachy and so very very sexy, probably amongst her best assets along with her eyes and hair, but I would say the bottoms comes out on top, I would do anything for that bottom to be mine to do with as I wished, but I know, as I should, that this will never happen.
Her voice, whilst not girly girly, is enchanting, she is not averse to raising it at you to get her point across but also expertly uses it to encourage her slave to give that little bit more for her, I imagine she has many men eating out of her hand, I would never question how many, it is not my business
Also, she educates me, she trains me and shows me the way a slave should behave, I am learning all the time and eager to please, she is also very skilled in testing your limits, she will push you and thrill you at the same time, her mind is amazing, I spend many days thinking about this lady, I can only imagine what it must be like to be her equal, to take her for a romantic meal, to dare I say it, make love to her, but as her slave, this is natural I would have thought, it is though a dream that will never be fulfilled, which makes it all the more powerful
Is there anything I would change about her, I don’t actually think there is, maybe, I would like to see her gentler side come through on occasions, the thing is though, before I let her down, I think I sometimes did, and then I messed up, so one day who knows, maybe.
I will end this piece by saying honestly, if anybody out there is looking for a Real Mistress, not silly girl who’s playing at it, not just someone who shouts and screams, but a real life dominating individual, who lives the life and is a true professional then this is Mistress Jasmine through and through.

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