Newly Exploring Submission

As someone anxious about exploring BDSM with a professional dominatrix, Miss Jasmine immediately put me at ease with her openness to talk through my feelings and past experiences before the session began. I was reassured that it was okay to have submissive feelings and to explore them with her. The session allowed me to experience fantasies and ideas in a safe, discreet and reassuring environment whilst being pushed to really discover more about myself. I felt Miss Jasmine took a perfectly calculated approach to dealing with my obvious hesitations whilst making sure my nerves/anxieties didn’t spoil having a good time and discovering more about myself. This feeling of relief and lightness after having been to see Miss Jasmine is exactly what I hoped for. Instead of repressing ideas and feelings that I have felt ashamed of in the past, Miss Jasmine helped me to accept them and enjoy them for what they are. And for that I am incredibly grateful.

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