A flourishing path of discovery

I’m astonished that in a short space of time Miss Jasmine and I have gone from tentatively playing to an intuitive understanding of where we are going. I am loathe to describe things as ‘a journey’ but it is clear that Miss Jasmine and I have set out on a path of discovery of events and of one another. This is possible because of the open environment Miss Jasmine creates where one is encouraged to share wants/needs and feedback after a session. We have played half a dozen times and each time has been accompanied by communication and openness from us both. To some extent I had to be encouraged to be so open and wasn’t comfortable with this at first but I can honestly say that Miss Jasmine can be trusted both with information and with what to do with it. A few months into our relationship I am now really seeing the benefits of this by the natural style it allows her and the surprises she springs on me. Make an effort with respectful communication and you will receive the benefits by the bucketful. I’m nothing special, but Miss Jasmine is and creates an amazing set of events for you to experience.

Miss Jasmine clearly takes pleasure in degrading and debasing her submissives and it is astonishing how much her smile can persuade you to do. Physically Miss Jasmine is very alluring and she knows it; using this knowledge to exploit you and push you further into her web. Surrender yourself to this; it is amazing. This pushing of your psyche will make you question yourself but it is worth it. Amongst the tortures and the pressure are moments of real compassion to help you through…even if you are slightly different when you come out the other side. But none of this is easy, it takes a little effort.

Miss Jasmine has training in counselling which has given her an ability to read your reactions and body language to judge the pace of a session and when to turn up the heat or to reduce it to simmering. This has meant that even when being challenged to do the things that cause me to break out in a sweat I have felt 100% safe. She might be pushing me to places I’ve never been and then hate being in but throughout I have felt completely cared for. The care is a great asset of hers as it really helps me do things I couldn’t without it and it is the care that I remember afterwards; Miss Jasmine might do horrible things to you or make you do horrible things, but the level of care means I will tell you she is very lovely.

Each time we play I am startled by the intensity of our experience and that intensity means I need a little time to recover before being sent out into the world. Miss Jasmine has been generous enough to allow me a warm shower while she makes tea and twenty minutes sitting relaxing, letting my heart rate normalise and coming down while we drink it means I am human again as I leave. The intense nature of our play is something other Mistresses haven’t been able to create with as much success, but again this is something that takes effort from me. Be fully engaged in the session, be an active participant and you will be rewarded with an experience unique to your meeting.

I think it a great compliment to Miss Jasmine that whilst I look forward to our time together immensely and play out fantasies of how our session will go, the reality always far exceeds these fantasies. Time with Miss Jasmine is a treat and one that gets better with repeated experience. Allow time for things to develop, be open and honest, answer questions fully and volunteer information you might rather hide and Miss Jasmine will create a world you won’t want to leave. It is a magical place and I count myself fortunate to be within it.

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