I was nervous when I arrived as it was our first meeting, but Miss Jasmine was warm and welcoming. She took me through to a large dungeon and we sat together on a sofa, whilst she got to know me a bit, before the session started.

She was friendly but extremely attentive to everything I said, she showed great interest and some of her questions challenged me, as she explored why I was starting down this path. She is very beautiful in person and I loved being with her, and I delighted in seeing her smile and laugh.

The session started with me attending to her feet, and she continued to explore my mind. It was exciting and slightly worrying as I felt she was “undressing my mind, and slowly finding ways to make me vulnerable”. At least that’s how it felt. For example, she pointed out to me my obvious growing excitement as I massaged and kissed her feet. This was despite me thinking I didn’t have a foot fetish!! Maybe I was discovering my inner slave? As this is an early stage of my journey, I’m just unsure at the moment.

During the rest of the session Miss Jasmine did what I asked with CBT, NT and Electrics, as well as some flogging along the way. She occasionally used an eye mask, increasing my sense of anxiety as to where the pain would come from next (as I had asked). She beautifully combined pain ( which increased as the session progressed), with tender, gentle words of encouragement.

Miss Jasmine obviously enjoys my reaction to the pain, it causing her great amusement. So I became less and less confident as the session went on. I just about tolerated the pain, but I was still sore the next day. So why do it? Well to be so close and to share Miss Jasmine’s laughter and pleasure gave me pleasure too, despite the personal cost to me.

 It was truly unforgettable. I know she has cast a spell on me, and I won’t be able to resist going back for more pain, just to be able to be with her again in all her dominant glory.

I know she has got into my head, and I can’t get her out again!


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