Degradation and extreme humiliation.

I recently made my second visit to see Miss Jasmine and was lucky enough to see her new space in Preston.

Our play is less physical and more mental so the simple space is perfect providing a light, airy space where I could submit. My one tip about seeing this lady in Preston though would be to make sure you have strong knees.

Our first session had focused on humiliation and degradation and had reached a real intensity before I was sent on my way. To my relief our second session started gently, but then a simple action from Miss Jasmine that she intuitively knew would be a trigger swithched on my submission and I was completely under her spell. If she can repeat that magic trick for you then it is worth travelling the length of the country.

I’m starting to think Miss Jasmine can read me like a book as she clearly sensed she had switched on my submission and immediately turned up the pressure. I was back at the bottom of the pit and the heat was being cranked up. For my first session I had been offered a safe word, but this time there was no safety blanket…and she was cruel without mercy.

Two sessions is not enough to spot a pattern, but each session has featured moments of tenderness that I treasure, each just before I have been pushed to my nadir. This session was more intense and challenging than my first…but the style, the care and those moments of tenderness just make me want to see where I will be led next.

I feel as though Miss Jasmine has looked in to me and has decided where she will lead me. Being along for the ride is magical, everyone should try it.

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