Custom Clip – Cuckold and Foot Fetish

I ordered a custom foot worship clip from Miss Jasmine and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to others. Regardless of your kink, fantasy or fetish, Miss Jasmine has a delightfully devious mind that will make your fantasy a reality. I provided some context for the roleplay along with a costume suggestion and Miss Jasmine’s creative mind and skill as a Domme came into its own. I received the clip in just a few days and the end product was out of this world. A combination of the dulcet tones of her voice, the camera focused on her silky soles and her deviously scripted dialogue, I was transported before her as though we were in a real time session. The clip was less than 10 minutes, but was thrillingly intense throughout. If you want a brief encounter with the perfect Miss Jasmine, but cannot visit her chambers in person, then a custom clip from her is a must buy.

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