Corporal Punishment

I recently visited Miss Jasmine, a new disciplinarian, well at least new to me, in Manchester.

Having first contacted her by e-mail and then a phone call to discuss my needs for a punishment caning, we set the date for my first session. On the morning and as agreed, I texted Miss Jasmine to confirm my appointment and made my way to Bury. Arriving at a very pleasant residential area with good parking, I sent another quick text and was directed to very neat and discrete premises.

Miss Jasmine is an extremely warm and pleasant lady, clearly well educated and far more beautiful than the pictures on her website give credit. She led me into a well appointed, warm and comfortable office-cum-domestic room where we had another short chat. I had to confirm my needs and was told of the session to follow. Miss Jasmine then became quite formal and instructed me to undress. With her sat on the sofa, I was given a quick warm up over her lap and then told to bend over a leather-topped office desk for the cane.

There is no question that Miss Jasmine loves her job but she is caring with it. She was an expert with the cane and landed it with accuracy and squarely across both buttocks. Particularly impressive was that she canes backhand as well as she does forehand and so, unlike a lot of disciplinarians I have visited, caned from both sides giving my bottom the sort of all-over scorching that it very rarely gets.

With mixed feelings I was glad when it was finally over. I was told to get dressed and we another quick chat to discuss the session and then I left. In all, with only a few minutes to chat at the start and end of the session, the caning was full on with not a single minute wasted and my bottom was very tender for the next few days

Will I be visiting Miss Jasmine again? You bet in fact suffice to say, I have already arranged my next session with her. This is one very special lady and one who I intend visiting often. If, like me, you need a no frills, hard punishment caning from a strict but fair very attractive young lady, then you must visit Miss Jasmine.
Ben. March ’18.

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