Humiliation and Degradation

Choosing to visit a Mistress for the first time presents a lot of soul searching, this is an occasional treat for me and I want to make the right choice so I paid great attention to the information on Miss Jasmine’s website.

In my initial contact I explained why I had chosen to contact her and outlined my interests. This was rewarded with a positive response and the request for more information. I was encouraged to be open and honest and I am glad that I was

On meeting Miss Jasmine was welcoming, but it was clear that she had read and thought about my responses to her request for information and was going to use this to create an unforgettable experience. The start to the session was uncomfortable for me but I had asked to explore humiliation and degradation and from the first minute that is the mood that was created.

I think the details of the session should remain between Miss Jasmine and I but I had outlined details of motivation, possible activities and a very clear and strong fetish. Miss Jasmine took all of this information and wove it into an experience to treasure. I never knew what was to come next or where I was being led, I just had to trust her and enjoy the roller-coaster ride.

I had asked to be humiliated and degraded and that is what I got. This wasn’t the first time I had visited a Mistress for these activities, but it is the lowest I have been pushed and the most debased I have felt. Thank you Miss.

Alongside the physical humiliation Miss Jasmine expertly tongue tied me by twisting and playing with what I said. The effect was to leave me worried to say anything as I knew it would be twisted and thrown back at me making me feel stupid, another layer of humiliation.

This playing with words led to much laughter and a lightheartedness that made the truly degrading acts stand out and reinforced just how low Miss Jasmine had made me descend.

Each of these actions and activities was made possible by the thing I treasure most from the session; Miss Jasmine treated me as a true individual. She wasn’t going through the motions or squeezing me into a predefined hole, she had asked me questions, listened to me, pressed for more information and then taken all of this knowledge and created an experience just for me. Wow!

My submission and the dominance that it allows others to exert over me is mostly cerebral. In Miss Jasmine and her own penchant for the psychological side of domination I found the perfect match. To achieve this she demanded openness, honesty and clear communication, which at times was uncomfortable, but ultimately worth the effort. I would advise anyone, novice or experienced, to allow themselves to be challenged by this lady, in return you are in for a great reward.

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