Psychological Domination

I have had just one session with Miss Jasmine and I already know I wish to go on a journey of exploration with this very special Mistress. From the moment I first laid eyes on this young, stunningly beautiful Mistress I felt an aura emanating from her, immediately drawing me in to submission. Her promise of psychological domination is not an empty one, She will easily get in to your mind, controlling and manipulating your thoughts to Her own advantage, and She will use any weakness against you, She will enjoy pushing your limits, laughing at your predicament, making you look in to Her eyes as She makes you suffer for Her pleasure, and you will want to suffer and much more for Her, because She is worth everything She demands. you will belong to Her. I recommend you thoroughly read the “about” section of Her website, it is very accurate and Miss Jasmine will quickly become very addictive. Personally my next session just cannot come soon enough.

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