Story time with Miss Jasmine – Forced Rent

It’s the first time we’ve met. You’re nervous but that’s okay, ‘Undress.’ You begin to unbutton your shirt, your hands shaking as you fumble with the buttons. You look at Me, I do not take My eyes off you. You take it off, you remove your shoes and socks, your belt, your trousers. You are left in your boxer shorts. You look at Me nervously. ‘Off.’ The loud tone of My voice surprises you, you quickly drop your shorts. You […]

Cuckold Fantasy Session

You’re strapped to the bench, blindfolded and naked. You’re nervous but you’re dribbling.. Your excitement amuses Me. Your weak state makes Me giggle. I stroke your face with the tips of My fingers. I come close to you and whisper softly in your ear, ‘My sweet boy, today, you will become My addicted little Cuckold.’ You shudder but there is nothing you can do, you’re strapped to the bench, weak and vulnerable. You’re apprehensive, you’d shout but you’re hard, you’re so […]

Pervert Circus 20th April 2018 – L

Dim light creates sinister shadows. The loud sound of stiletto heels on the hard floor fills the darkened room. Playful giggling echoes behind an ominous door. A squeal of pain complimented by a moan of pleasure sharply brings you too attention. An array of assorted dildos, butt plugs and harnesses catch your eye. The sound of chains and muffled cries for help sends a chill down your spine. A masked voyeur lurks in the distance. Your eyes meet, nerves rushing […]

Custom Clip – Cuckold and Foot Fetish

I ordered a custom foot worship clip from Miss Jasmine and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to others. Regardless of your kink, fantasy or fetish, Miss Jasmine has a delightfully devious mind that will make your fantasy a reality. I provided some context for the roleplay along with a costume suggestion and Miss Jasmine’s creative mind and skill as a Domme came into its own. I received the clip in just a few days and the end product was out […]

Sensual Domination – Scent Training

I first became aware of Miss Jasmine a year ago after seeing her feed on Twitter. After that I’d always been curious to meet and session with her. Lets face it she looks Heavenly, and I must say that she’s even more Beautiful in person. I have a particular take on Sensual Erotic Domination, and certain points I like to explore in session. When I first met her, I was at ease with her calm friendly personality, and after a […]

Sensually Sadistic, Psychological Mind Games

I met recently with Miss Jasmine to explore psychological domination and I have to say it was one of the most intense, incredible sessions I have ever experienced. Our session began with me on my knees, confessing to Mistress my desire to be controlled and manipulated by a beautiful woman. Mistress took in everything I said while occasionally questioning and probing deeper to get more detail. Over the course of the next two hours I was blown away by the […]

Humiliation and Degradation

Choosing to visit a Mistress for the first time presents a lot of soul searching, this is an occasional treat for me and I want to make the right choice so I paid great attention to the information on Miss Jasmine’s website. In my initial contact I explained why I had chosen to contact her and outlined my interests. This was rewarded with a positive response and the request for more information. I was encouraged to be open and honest […]

Psychological and Strap-on Domination

I have tried to think of the words that best sum up Miss Jasmine and I found it incredibly hard. I found it hard because the words which stuck out in my head were enigmatic and a contrast. Contrast is the word which sticks with me. She is empathetic yet cruel. Humble yet narcissistic. Independent yet needy. Is she those things? Or is she just manipulating me? I don’t really care as long as I am allowed to be blessed […]

Corporal Punishment

I recently visited Miss Jasmine, a new disciplinarian, well at least new to me, in Manchester. Having first contacted her by e-mail and then a phone call to discuss my needs for a punishment caning, we set the date for my first session. On the morning and as agreed, I texted Miss Jasmine to confirm my appointment and made my way to Bury. Arriving at a very pleasant residential area with good parking, I sent another quick text and was […]

Psychological Domination

I have had just one session with Miss Jasmine and I already know I wish to go on a journey of exploration with this very special Mistress. From the moment I first laid eyes on this young, stunningly beautiful Mistress I felt an aura emanating from her, immediately drawing me in to submission. Her promise of psychological domination is not an empty one, She will easily get in to your mind, controlling and manipulating your thoughts to Her own advantage, […]